The Timeline

A brief timeline of our collaboration with BAGASÁO and how we made THE APEIRON COLLECTION, available now.

  • The Meeting

    Joseph Bagasáo hears The Swan (Carnival of the Animals) at first meeting at Kim Jones house. The first creative exchange ensues.

  • The Proposal

    The first meeting is scheduled. Bagasáo accepts Design Partner collaboration with The Fore. Brand books are shared. The initial sketches are drawn of what is now The Diptych bag (launching soon). Both are in agreeance of a slanted lid option.

  • The First Sketch

    BAGASÁO draws the first sketches of the collection. Inspired by everyday items within his current surroundings the first designs reference vases, carafes and wine bags.

  • The Details

    Bagasáo suggests the introduction of gunmetal hardware.

  • The Branding

    Bagasáo makes the collaboration official with the creation of brand stamps for the bags. It's happening.

  • The Prototypes

    Delivery of the first set of prototypes. These pieces are tested and measured for usability and quality. (It may or may not have involved a concert visit and a trip to the weekend market.)

  • The Delivery

    The Fore receives samples and begins with production of the first initial lookbook of The Fore x Bagasáo.

  • The Launch

    The Fore official launches the exclusive pre-selling preview of the SERIES II collection, designed in collaboration with Bagasáo.