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Who we are.


We are a digitally native platform dedicated to bringing independent talent to the fore, to you. Through a series of a variety of design collaborations. THE FORE redefines the conventional notions of the digital retail space through championing slow, intentional, conscious consumption. Featuring collaborations between the distinctive talents of independent creatives, artists, designers and entrepreneurs THE FORE exhibits limited edition, exclusive pieces through titled ‘SERIES’. In this space, THE FORE recognizes and celebrates both the dichotomies and similitudes present in the art of collaboration.

Collaboration at The Fore opens up a constructive space for focused conflict and differences in opinion.
— Kim Jones- theartreport.com

How it all started.

In 2010 our founder, Kim Jones, moved to the Philippines from Australia. Over the years she has established herself as a creative multi-disciplinarian within the fashion industry. Through the years, having witnessed and never quite understood the disparity between the artistry of independent talents and accessibility for consumers Jones became obsessed with creating a platform that bridged the gap. After years of quietly observing and crowdsourcing, in May 2018, Jones launched The Fore - it’s name derived from the idiom ‘to bring to the fore’.

As a digitally native company The Fore aims to connect its audience - constantly searching for something original and new - with that of independent talent all over the world. Each collaboration is different, offering limitless possibilities and the ability to listen to our customers to understand what it is they need. We develop an ever-growing line of a vast array of product offerings. We've also organized a community of women who we’re dubbing “the new influencers” from different fields such as STEM, PR, Medicine and Media for a very special summit where we celebrate the women who we feel should be brought to the fore.

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The digital world is cacophonous with so many of us reacting first and thinking second. Collaboration at The Fore opens up a constructive space for focused conflict and differences in opinion. It’s not about celebrating only the similarities, it’s not about finding like-minded individuals. It’s about working together and finding solutions to design problems that we feel benefit our customer and yes, that involves a great deal of humility and compromise.