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A series of design collaborations.

Our bags are inspired by you.


Four styles with one bag?
Look no further.



A series of design collaborations; with your favourite independent talent.


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Each of our two designs features two sets of arborist rope in different colours,
allowing you to configure almost any kind of bag that adapts to your day




The Fore sits down with this collection’s Design Partner, Seph Bagasáo to discuss the best part of collaboration and his muses.

What was your favourite part of this collaboration?

It’s the communication. When we discuss things, it really opens my mind. I feel like it’s still me but a different version. It’s really a merging of two minds. Every time we talk it really adds to the character of the bag. I’m glad this is my first experience in terms of the collaboration since everybody is doing collaboration now. The process that we went through, the exchange of ideas. I mean, we were free to do whatever, we were free to suggest anything. There’s no limitation because I, myself, know that I don’t want to be limited.

When you co-designed these pieces did you envision a certain person? Who was that person?

Aside from [Kim Jones], I just envisioned someone who’s very subtle, a learned person. [I envisioned] someone making it a part of who they are. If they’re wearing it, it’s not like they’re shouting but you know that it’s a special piece.

What do you want people to know about the current climate of the fashion industry.

The workers here. Our craftsmen have so much potential. The designers have to push them further. I feel like it’s my job with them, aside from them creating whatever I have, to push them to their maximum capacity because they often really don’t know what they're capable of. Unless we show them that “hey you can do this” they feel limited but you as a designer you don’t have limitations, you transfer it to them and then hopefully they will learn from it and appreciate it.

How did this collaboration come to exist?

We met at a mutual friend’s studio. [Kim] came in, wearing a white shirt and flip flops. I was just in the corner. The first time that I saw her I didn’t think about Kim buying any of my bags. It’s just - with all honesty - common that personalities see the item saying “ oh, it’s so nice! How much is it? Like this, like that” and then they leave. For Kim to buy the bags without [asking for] a discount made me feel like “hey, I’m doing something right, maybe!” For the past few years I’ve been pushing my brand but it’s always like “It’s so nice! I’ve never seen anything like it.” But that’s it. Sometimes [they ask] “can you give a 50% discount?” My gosh I cannot. And it’s something that drew me to [Kim] because she saw the value of what we create as designers, she saw what we put into it and she saw what it is as a [standalone] item. It’s not just something one would see and then think; “Oh I can get this in a different store for 50% off.” She gets us as designers, as brands and that’s very important to me. Every time I talk to anyone about how I met her I always say “she bought a bag from me without asking for a discount.”

What do you want people to know about this collaboration?

In terms of my brand and the people that I work with in creating our pieces? Whatever we have [access to] pushes us further to do the best that we can do in terms of production, in terms of functionality and the design. It’s really about all the details in the bags - it is not something purely aesthetic. For me, I want people to know that this is an honest product and there was no shortcut. We really took the time to give our customer value for what they are buying and that’s the most important thing for me. I mean, I wouldn’t buy anything that I didn’t see the value of. So for me, that’s how I create pieces and I think we were able to incorporate all of that in the bags for this collection - you really see the value in it.


Our collections are made in limited quantities, for an exclusive trunk show period.



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